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Topic of the Week - The Christian Right, The Supreme Court Nominee and Laura Bush

OK - D-Day day is here. Our country is at THE turning point. Over the next two to three months, are you ready to challenge, aggressively challenge, the conservative policies that have been brewing and will come to the immediate forefront of our judicial branch? Trust me - the Christian Right is ready, and they have launched their letter writing campaigns, door-to-door campaigns and phone campaigns already...they started yesterday.

These primary conservative issues are; outlawing abortion, a constitutional amendment on defining marriage between a man and woman and incorporating religion, prayer & "faith" into our public educational systems, public forums and public places. With Sandra Day O'Connor retiring and Chief Justice Rehnquist expected to retire (after naming the replacement for O'Connor), the next two to three months will define the future of our country, actually the future of our world, and the future of each and everyone of your personal lives. This is not an overstatement.

The question is - will you personally contribute and be an activist in writing letters (snail mail please) to your representatives in Congress over the next few weeks in requesting a moderate nominee (forget about requesting a liberal nominee - it will not happen) to replace Sandra Day O'Connor on the U.S. Supreme Court? More importantly - besides writing Congress, I encourage you to write a letter to Laura Bush.

Why Laura?

I have seen an inner conflict with George Bush throughout his Presidency. After 9/11, Bush reverted to his faith and incorporated this faith into his leadership agenda in fighting terrorism. And along with Cheney, Rove, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, etc., they pushed their radical conservative agenda to "rid the world of evil" and "stay the courseno matter the consequences" on fighting terrorism...and saw the opportunity to incorporate their conservative agenda across the entire public and political spectrum. Hence, George's focus on his faith and "preventing" terrorism eventually resulted in his rational to invade Iraq. And of course, Cheney & Co. had tremendous influence and defined the course on this hegemony strategy.

However, over the last 12 months, as the media and the American people have been vocal on the travesty of the Iraq invasion as well as vocal against the other actions by this regime to push their conservative agenda (i.e. social security, Schiavo case, etc.), and as the pressure mounts, I have seen Bush even more conflicted (and confused) than ever before. George Bush may be a bit more shrewd than we give him credit for, but his emotional intelligence is that of an adolescence, at best a young adult, in trying to sort out and define his value system foundation in alignment with his leadership characteristics.

Let me clarify this last statement on Bush's emotional maturity. Most people who have gone through major personl transformations in their lives, who have become 'dry' and/or a born again Christian, do so because their lives were out of control for many, many years prior and thus, they need some sort of stability to adhere to. Although understandable and respectful on a whole, this 'clinging' aspect specific to a strict religious belief to secure their foundation & stability is basically a 'child-like' emotional action. And one's out of control stage in his life slows down, halts, and at times regresses personal development of one's emotional and intellectual parts of their brain - ask any expert in the psychological industry. George Bush's emotional and intellectual maturity has been stunted throughout a period of almost 20 years of his adulthood (age 21 years to age 40 years) when at age 40, Bush stopped drinking and became a born-again "Christian."

Because of this 20 year gap in personal development, I have seen continual mixed messages on his leadership characteristics with respect to many social and foreign policy issues; his stance on Gays and civil liberties, on pro-choice, on education, on world poverty and other issues. George has an internal conflict and a continual 'sorting-out' of his value system, and I believe he has a continual external conflict between his allegiance to the conservative/religious movement and his devotion to Laura and her personal value system.

I firmly believe Laura has significant influence with George on the policies of pro-choice, gay marriage/civil liberties, poverty and education...and Laura is much less conservative than seemingly George is. Being George's wife, this influence, on these all important policy issues is much greater than the media or the American people think...or give her credit for. Although Laura is very careful about voicing her opinion and stance publicly, there has been evidence of her more moderate position(s) on abortion and gay marriage/civil unions.

Respective of the abortion issue, see the transcript below from Katie Couric's interview with Laura Bush on The Today Show dating back to January 19, 2001 - many people do not realize this, but Laura is pro-choice.

Also, George and Laura's response on the gay marriage/civil union issue and as demonstrated in the interview with Charles Gibson of ABC the week before the election. George acknowledged his support of gay civil unions while Charles responded "this is against the Republican platform," and Bush countered "I know this but I believe in these rights of civil unions." For your information, this was not the message(s) George had given prior on this issue in multiple public comments but in this interview with Charles, and when put on the spot, George's internal conflict and confusion reacts...George is really a confused individual.

Also take note in the Charles Gibson interview, Charles asked Laura her position on a constitutional amendment on defining marriage and Laura said she sees it as an issue that people want to talk about. "I'm not really sure about it. I think it's important to have the debate." Laura was uncomfortable with the question only in that she wanted to answer it truthfully...I could see she wanted to support gay rights but was careful not to publicly voice it.

Here is the link to the summary of the interview with Charles Gibson - and below is the actual transcript of Katie Couric's interview portion with Laura on the abortion issue when Laura revealed she is pro-choice.

January 19, 2001:

COURIC: Let's talk about abortion, because it's very much been in the news with
the John Ashcroft confirmation hearings this week. Do you personally believe
women in this country should have a legal right to an abortion?

Ms. BUSH: Well, I think that--that we should do what we can to limit the number
of abortions, to try to reduce the number of abortions in a lot of ways. And
that is by talking about responsibility with girls and boys, by teaching
abstinence, having abstinence classes everywhere, in schools, and in churches,
and in Sunday schools. I think there are a lot of ways we can reduce the
number of abortions, and I agree with my husband in that--on that issue.

COURIC: But having said that, Mrs. Bush, should women, in spite, because
they're not mutually exclusive, even if you do advocate those things, do you
believe that women in this country should have the right to an abortion?

Ms. BUSH: I agree with my husband that we should try to reduce the number of
abortions in our country by doing all those things.

COURIC: Should Roe v. Wade, for example, be overturned?

Ms. BUSH: No, I'm don't think it should be overturned.

Anyone beginning to see that Laura may be the key to influencing her husband on this all important Supreme Court nomination(s)? I firmly believe that Laura Bush is the person to target and appeal to in order to help influence her husband on nominating a moderate to replace O'Connor...and eventually replace Rehnquist. Appealing to Laura's support of women (pro-choice), her support to have separation of church & state and appeal to her benevolence of the gay community against the orchestrated and very organized hate campaign by The Christian Right to define homosexuality as a sin. Obviously, Laura has more influence over George than anyone...all of us happily married men know this to be true.

Laura can make a difference here - please write a letter (snail mail please) to her asking her to be supportive of these help guide her husband to a moderate nominee that will define the state of our country for years and years to come. Laura's address is as follows:

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

The White House Phone Numbers


Comment Line

Visitors Office



Thank you for considering this action. Click below to post your comments but more importantly, write Laura Bush a letter, or at least email her. It will make a difference.


At 3:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This country is in a sorry state of deliberate, personal and diabolical-political chaos…and you George W (no I don’t mean Geo. Washington), you alone are without a doubt the out of control driving force behind it…a force not of the will of the nation/people, but your own personal parochial convictions which by your own choice you have elected to impose the will upon others in this free society we call America.

I, like many others, rank you right up their with the Stalin’s, Mao’s, Hitler’s, Duce’s, Min’s, Jung II’s and Sadum’s…all fanatical in there own right…all believe that have the right to impose there personal will on others. The difference is…you were elected George…you were to represent the good and will of our nation and NOT our personal agenda. Your personal convictions are of no concern or consequence to me, that is as long as they don’t violate my own personal rights and those of the nation.

You have seemed to do the contrary. Did daddy tell you, you are a Federal-Civil servant. Notice the last word…servant. Know what that means George, it means you are employed by us and work for us. You don’t have the right to impose you personal will on me/others in America.

Shame on you George W for what you have done to our country’s core…and what you are about to (try) to do by nominating/appointing two Judicial seats at the Supreme Court. I know history will not look back on you with favor. I know history will view you as the worst President and its worst Administration this country has ever experienced (and hope we will never have/see again).

They say a President doesn’t make the times…the times make the President. I believe you have proven that wrong (for the first time in American history). You have clearly put America into a no-way-out-war, a war that we should have never been involved in, in the first place. I can speak of this as a Viet Nam Vet…you can’t….but you are solely responsible for it: Almost 1,800 U.S men and women have given up their lives and countless thousands are injured for YOUR far right Christian Crusade (here in America…and abroad). That’s right George, abroad too. Are you seeking a create a sequel to the 1,000 year Crusades of Medieval times…sadly, your making headway.

Commander-in-Chief of our Arm Forces, what a joke. Would probably prefer to be the Pope clad in armor leading this battle (Crusade) on a white steed with a large cross on your shield. You would probably like that.

What ever happened to the WMD…George? Where is the connection between Sadam/Iraq and the 9/11 terrorists? Have I missed something? There isn’t a connection? There never was one. The public knows it…and you know it and Rumsfeld keeps blowing political PR up the butt of the American public every time he’s in the news and asked a direct question.

The start of your undoing(s) and a pre-empt solution is…we need a good dose of entropy (look it up George W…entropy, it would be worth your while to do so). Place entropy into the core of this chaos in the form of a moderates. But those individuals with a realistic national vision, with the ability to weigh everything and implement what is in the best interest of the people…the nation, and not one’s own personal beliefs.

Who do you think you are George W….an emissary from God? Grow up George and get real. Mommy must have beat the crap out of you when you were a little boy because you didn’t do your bed-time prayers. Can’t imagine what else could have lead you to what you have become and what you have done/doing to America. Now you are about to nominate two individuals to replace two Justices…and unlike your elected job, they are there for LIFE if they choose to do so.

Probably the most significant legacy a President can do…place an individual in one of those Judicial seats. Now lets see, hum who you might have on your list to select from…hum, ah yes, Jerry Farwell to replace O’Connor and…hum, of course how silly of me, Jesus to replace Rehnquist. Absurd, of course, and so is your entire administration…the sad part is look what you George have done to date and will be leaving us and our generations to come when you are out of office in three + years from now… deliberate, personal and diabolical-political chaos.

Proud of yourself? As an American, I’m embarrassed of you being our President, and very concerned as to what you have produced and directed to date.

Anonymously Concerned


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