Sunday, July 10, 2005

The London Attacks and Fear Rhetoric by the Bush Regime and The Christian Right

As the horrific events of the London bombings unfold from this past Thursday, one can almost feel the emergence of fear that was so prevalent, and orchestrated, by the Bush regime and The Christian Right over the last five years.

First, lets be real - the deaths and injuries from the London attacks are very tragic and targeting innocent people, no matter how desperate certain groups within the Islamic faith feel, is no basis for acknowledgement of their cause when murder is their primary protest - period. Its unfortunate that these Islamic groups do not review history and understand that massive change and awareness is only productive through peaceful expostulation (i.e. Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King).

But lets not forget that innocent people are dying each and every single day in Iraq...our occupation is a cause for this loss of innocent lives whether you want to acknowledge and accept this truth or not. My point is lets be aware of the entire picture with respect to the killing of innocent lives.

The "War on Terror" was defined after 9/11 by the Bush Regime as an offensive both take the fight to the terrorists as well as to leverage fear in obtaining their political agenda. The Christian Right has always had a foundation of fear in their belief system...fear of homosexuals, fear of other belief systems, etc. The connection between the Bush regime and The Christian Right is very deep...almost an unconscious connection cloaked in fear.

Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, Richard Pearle and Paul Wolfowitz realize how this fear can impassion much so that this fear overrides their entire life, day by day, hour by hour. A bit dramatic? No, not really. Think about it for a moment.

After 9/11 and for the next three years leading up to the election of 2004, every Christian Right I spoke with completely ignored the deceit, corruption and policy agenda of the Bush regime, which put America and the American people in the worse situation politically, militarily and economically in our history. Each Christian Right would froth at the mouth if you dared criticize the Bush regime on any Bush policy decision. They called you unpatriotic and even called you a traitor.

Most personal value traits (benevolence, tolerance, etc.) were overridden by a 'pack' mentality witch hunt to seek and destroy anyone who got in their way...including the people of France, all of Europe, Canada and any other former ally who did not 'obey' this new world order. And this new world order was and is based only on fear and control.

This offensive fear strategy against terror is wrong. Anyone with an understanding of basic psychology knows that a strategy of destruction against an enemy, no matter the justification and consequences, spreads to a fervor among the offensive party and their supporters of bias, prejudice, extreme nationalism and a mentality of superiority. Any action is justified and then supported by those people who are fearfully loyal to their leader(s).

And lets be clear - the war on terror to eliminate terrorist acts/attacks cannot be 'won' with an offensive strategy. It only increases a resentment which multiplies throughout the opposing faction. The Iraq invasion is just one example of this flawed belief.

Terrorist acts can only be contained - any battle that is won in Iraq, Afghanistan or any other territory in the world is one small battle won but the chances of winning the war only diminishes. Those who don't allow fear to overwhelm their lives understand this. They understand that as long as our current regime tries to 'stomp-out' terrorism for good, it will only increase the number of terrorist acts in the future. Any offensive strategy is a destructive strategy and 9/11, or the recent London attacks, does not validate this strategy.

I suggest you to be aware of the Bush regime's rhetoric going forward in the wake of the London bombings. The Christian Right will respond once again with indignance how America is the best country in the world and we need to teach the world how to adhere to 'our' values. They will mobilize further and respond with blind loyalty to the Bush regime's use of fear rhetoric in order to continue to push their fear agenda forward.

I encourage you to challenge immediately any fear type of rhetoric, comment or discussion you encounter either interpersonally, within the media (write emails to the Editor) and/or within our politician's rhetoric. The London bombings are tragic....but don't let our current regime exploit it at the expense of our civil liberties, our values and what our domestic and foreign policy should be...because this current regime is already exploiting it. Fear is the only tactic the Bush regime has left.

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