Sunday, May 01, 2005

Topic of the Week - The Christian Right and the Stealth Funding of Their Politicians

This past week, as posted on the Blog, Microsoft Corporation retained Ralph Reed, former Director of The Christian Coalition, on their payroll paying him $20,000 per month. "Coincidentally," Microsoft made a decision NOT to support the bill in the Washington State Legislature proposed that would ban discrimination against gays and lesbians although they have publicly supported this bill in years past. What on earth has Reed been doing for Microsoft, one of the world's most powerful companies? Obviously, one could conclude that Microsoft's executive team were influenced by the Christian Right and seemingly Ralph Reed and his group to not support this bill.

So this begs the following questions...what, how much, from what specific sources, how does The Christian Right raise their money and who do they fund to push their agenda in attempting to transform public policy at a grass roots level, at a state level and at a federal level? Trust me, you would be astonished to know the level of organization, mobilization, sophistication and money The Christian Right has behind their politicians.

The Christian Right's politicians focus on the issues that inflame The Christian Right's belief systems; anti-gay platform, anti-abortion platform and incorporating Christianity into our public forum and public educational system. These politicians, aligned with The Christian Right, claim they are "victims" of persecution....and use this persecution claim to mobilize their friends, neighbors and family to raise money and push their agenda of melding Church & State at all levels. Victims? Give me a break.

I challenge everyone to invest some of your time in defining the politicians in your community and state who are funded by The Christian Right, what church organizations, what membership organizations and what companies (i.e. Microsoft) are funding The Christian Right. You only need to spend some time on the Internet and utilize Google's search capabilities - you will be surprised what you find out.

Then spread the word in your communities on how these politicians are accepting and taking money from organizations and companies with an agenda to transform our public policies specific to incorporating The Christian Right's religious beliefs into our political system. After identifying the organizations and companies funding The Christian Right, write your local newspaper and other news media outlets within your communities, and nationally, to publicize the money behind funding these conservative politicians.

Simply, make it public and heighten awareness on the politicians who are aligned with The Christian Right. It's time for action....

And of course, in addition to writing or calling the news media, publicize what you find by clicking below to post your comments on this Blog....


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